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Attic Decontamination
We offer attic decontamination services - specifically modeled in accordance with industry standards - for the removal of contaminated insulation.  Your attic insulation could very well be a breeding ground for rodents, and all of the disease and filth that they carry.  We will remove all signs of the contamination (including nasty spots left in the wood and drywall), making way for a fresh start with new insulation.
The largest cause for the need for insulation removal is an infestation of rodents.  Generally, rodents will leave behind a number of carcases, urine spots and droppings that will have to be removed and the area sanitized.  This is where we come in.  We can remove all of the infested areas of your insulation and thoroughly sanitize the areas.  After removing the contaminated insulation, we can replace it with new insulation that will also help to save you a few bucks on your heating and cooling bills.
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